Mission, Vision & Objectives


Our Mission is to provide an effective treatment program for individuals with chemical dependency.

A program that allows recovering drug dependents to discover a rewarding way of life free from the use of mood-altering chemicals and become fully responsible individuals.


A leader in the establishment of a drug-free and recovery-supportive society with empowered recovering persons and families playing significant roles for peace and development.


  1. Enable clients to help themselves to become drug-free citizens.
  2. Facilitate social reintegration and reconnection of our clients and help them become peaceful and productive members of society.
  3. To provide opportunities to clients to be involved in constructive and productive activities.
  4. To help establish a drug-free nation through rehabilitation of drug dependents and family enlightenment.



BETTER DAYS AHEAD's Live-In Programs are structured programs for Dependents and Codependent families. The Programs are characterized as holistic and stresses the importance of each family member's role in creating functional families. The phases in this program are:


Crucial stage that focuses on the familiy members as codependents - by learning all the facts of the disease and exploring how and to what extent it has affected them.


It is important to biologically detoxify the chemical or alcohol from the dependent prior to proceeding with the other phases of the program.

Intensive Treatment

Where his/her growth as a person in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of his/her life will be dealt with.

Follow Through

Aims at preparing the dependent and family members to recognize the warning signs of relapse and to work at effective ways of prevention.

Treatment Activities for this program include:

  1. Screening and Assesment
  2. Treatment Planning
  3. Individual Counselling
  4. Group Counselling
  5. Psycho-Education/Lecture
  6. Workbook Tasks


BETTER DAYS AHEAD's Continuing Health and Aftercare assists the client in his or her transition back to home, work, and the community. The program includes ongoing counselling, participation in AA or NA meetings, transition groups, alumni contacts, and other Twelve Step support groups, or taking additional steps to advance education or career.


BETTER DAYS AHEAD offers a client's family members and/or friends an opportunity to understand the addiction process and its impact on the family system. The goal of the Family Program is to assist family members to begin their own recovery and to engage them in BETTER DAYS AHEAD's Continuing Health and Therapy Programs.






DOH Accreditation

BETTER DAYS AHEAD RECOVERY CENTER INC announces an important milestone in our operation, we are now officially DOH ACCREDITED!
With this, we have an all-new treatment team which comprises of physician, psychiatrist, Program Director, Center Director, psychologist, psychometrecian, center nurse, social worker, dietitian and counsellors/recovery coaches.
Our staff are well trained to uphold the highest dignity of our clients and are required to adhere to the implementing rules and regulations of the Dangerous Drugs Board, Department of Health, PDEA and other concerned and attached government agencies.


About Us

BETTER DAYS AHEAD RECOVERY CENTER INC is a residential inpatient treatment center that is structured and organized with activities and therapies that depends on the modified treatment plan per client. Being in a closed rehab implies discipline and allows the clients to be in a safe and supportive environment for healing and recovery. Furthermore, it also minimizes stress and uncertainty to the families giving them peace of mind and heart while the client is away.

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